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Upcoming Projects


I know my posts have been few lately.  It is not that I am short of stories, I have close to 300 in my cue that I have started.  But I am working on a few projects that I hope will take “Paul’s Heart” to the next level.

Yes, I am hoping to hit the social media with a video version of “Paul’s Heart”.  I am also working on my next chapter to be submitted to the annual Visible Ink book published via Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  Earlier this year, the chapter that I submitted and was published last year, was performed live in Manhattan.  So, I really want to concentrate to try and continue the quality submissions, which get shared here, once the book is published.

Finally, I have completed an interview with a researcher who is using a technology now available in the care of following up patients with cardiac issues.  This is especially important to patients who are being given chemotherapy that has history of affecting the heart.  Because this is such an important piece, I am taking my time putting everything together, because with “Paul’s Heart”, I want that story to go viral.  As a patient, in today’s medical world, we have to be our best advocate, because we have no choice.  This knowledge that I will be sharing with everyone is huge.  And there will be video footage of the interview as well.

So sit back, look back through some of the past posts and pages.  The big story is coming real soon.

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