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“My Dad Was Just Like Me” – The Video Performance

Last March, I wrote a short story called “My Dad Was Just Like Me”, a tribute to my late father.  It was published by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and then performed by professional actors in a staged reading format.  I had written these stories before and they had been published before, but this was the first piece that had been selected to be performed.

To view the video, please go to the link, and then find my name, Paul Edelman, and click on the video.  Of course, you can view all of the videos that are available, including from past years.  All these stories are written by cancer patients and survivors of MSKCC and published in an annual anthology called Visible Ink, available for purchase through the MSKCC Visible Ink website.

Enjoy the performance, and feel free to share it.

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