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Keeping Things In Perspective

The last twelve hours have probably been the scariest I have seen in a number of years.  We have just faced our second major weather storm in two years.  Last year’s Irene packed a lot of rain to her.  But this year’s Sandy had all the makings of a real hurricane to hit this area in a long time.  Howling winds, streets littered with debris, and water collecting in our basement were all reminders of what we were going through.

For the second time in two years, I could not sleep.

At the time that I would normally wake up for work in the morning, I was already awake, never really drifting off to sleep.  After last year’s Irene I was too worried about the possibilities of spawned tornados or any other danger to our home.  With two small children and several pets, along with my wife, we knew our priorities, to keep everyone safe.

So before I left for work, I grabbed the flashlight, and searched around the inside of the house.  I had already heard the girls were awake, but fooled by the late darkness this morning, they went back to bed.  Our garage was dry.  Our basement had quite a bit of water in it.  Our dog had been anxiously waiting to go outside to take care of business.  It was fairly calm at that time, and I glanced around the back and front yards.  Everything seemed in place, trees still standing.  All our outdoor belongings stored on the porch for the storm remained as they were placed.  The trees mostly stripped of their leaves which now lay on the ground.

My family is safe.  I hope yours is too.  When I get home from work, myonly hope at this point, is that my roof is intact.  The things that are down in my water soaked basement will be dealt with as soon as I get home, provided the power has been restored by then.  If anything is damaged, it can be replaced.  Food that did not survive in the refrigerator/freezer can be replaced.  My family cannot be replaced.

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