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An Exciting Day

In February of 2011, I made my first attempt at running for public office.  I ran for our local school board.  Due to a controversial contract negotation tactic, my opinion of teachers and the support they truly deserve and the crap they do not, changed.  I attended meetings and continued to follow the actions of our school board and decided that their actions were not what best represented my children.  An opportunity came up to serve on the board, when a board member resigned in the middle of her term.  Long story short and another post on this issue, I was one of 16 others who were not even interviewed because the replacement had already been decided.

I keep my opinions of my politics to myself, just as I do religion.  I do not discuss them with family or friends because unfortunately, these are often relationship-busters.  But that does not mean that I cannnot be publicly involved in them.  Along with four others, we ran a very clean campaign for five school board seats.  Two of my mates won, the other two and myself lost by a total of nearly 500 votes, which is miniscule in a district of 90,000+ voters.

Running as a candidate was exciting.  I could have done without the negative crap that seems to accompany politics, especially for school board.  As a result of my candidacy, I have been a participant now assisting our local election poll for the last three elections.  There is a certain pride and appreciation for being involved in a process that so many sacrificed so much so that we could be free to have this right.

Today and this evening, was perhaps the biggest election I have been involved with.  It was a near record setting for a turnout with the presidential election at stake.  Pushing a turnout with numbers close to 90% in our area, this election definitely got the attention that it sought.  Activity at the polls was constant and busy.  The results locally were indeed close. 

Unfortunately, there is the negative aspect of the behavior of several voters.  I watched as a fellow poll worker was given a “nazi salute” with a verbal diatribe slamming our current president.  Several voters passed by me as I proved I do not have ESP and had no idea what party they supported, and dared to hand them my party’s sample ballot.  Their responses were just as disappointing.  Instead of just a simple and courteous “no thank you”, instead there was lots of teeth-sucking noises, gut wrenching sounds, and comments such as “get real” or “you’re insane”.

The election will be closed in less than a half hour.  But here at home, the polls have been closed for over two and a half hours.  We will have a president within the next 24 hours, and our country needs to move forward no matter who it is.  I am hoping that tomorrow, our country can finally begin to realize how great it is, that we can elect our leaders, and how we got the opportunity to do so.

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