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A Special Little Girl

I will not use real names for this post because currently, the situation right now is too emotional for so many in our circle to deal with.

CindyLou is a very special little girl.  She was adopted with my oldest.  We have made it a point to see each other as often as possible, in spite of the great distance of three state borders.  For eight years now, both CindyLou and Madison have seen each other multiple times a year.  Each time, new memories were developed, and a stronger bond grew between both.  Madison is my daughter, and she is adopted from China.  So unfortunately, when it comes to discussing “birth” or biological family, we do not really possess any kind of information.  We were successful in finding out who exactly (foster family) raised Madison the first year of her life.  In fact, we found out that Madison had a crib mate for the last three months there, a little girl now living in Scotlan.  We also keep in touch with her family and come to find out exactly how influential the foster family was as both girls bear a lot of commonalities with each other in personalities and interests.

But getting back to CindyLou, I have only known her to be a happy and energetic little girl.  She excels in everything she attempts, in fact challenges herself to compete against children older than her.  And this is just for the fun of it.

But CindyLou also has a huge heart of gold.  A couple of months ago, when our golden retriever Pollo fell ill and things did not look well for him, CindyLou did something extraordinary.  CindyLou and her family came up to visit us for the weekend, and we decided to take a trip to Manhattan and do some sightseeing.  One of the places her mother wanted to visit was St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Pollo was taken to the vet hospital the day before and this little girl knew how sad and distracted I was.  While inside St. Patrick’s, CindyLou lit a candle for Pollo.  Of all the people or issues or events, she chose to say a prayer for my box of rocks, my 12 year old dog.  We were up in New York having a nice leisurely day, and this nine-year old still held in her heart, that I was worried about Pollo.

Nearly two months later, that small heart would be challenged.  A few days ago, upon arriving home from school, her dog was found quite ill.  He had already been to the vet just days earlier, and remembering some of my conversations about Pollo while they were visiting, they appropriately ordered the vet staff to spare nothing in finding out  what was wrong.  Nothing could be diagnosed and sent home.  But now, his condition had gotten so bad.  CindyLou’s mother was now faced with the one of the most difficult decisions concerning a pet, euthanasia.  The truth was, his chest cavity was flooding with fluid preventing his heart from beating appropriately, not allowing his lungs to expand as needed.  CindyLou curled up with her dog on the floor and held him as the drugs were being administered.  Even under the circumstance, and the pending result, CindyLou’s priority was still to provide comfort to her fine furry friend.  And then proceeded to console her younger sister.

We spoke the next night, and clearly, I had never heard that child cry before, and now I did hear, also her mother.  I do not know if they will get another dog or not, I hope so.  A pet could not be loved more than by these girls.

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