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My Brother-in-law, Mike McGinn

It is with great sadness, my brother-in-law finally lost his battle with ALS (Lou Gerhig’s Disease).  He was found this morning by a family member. 

In recent times, Mike was developing stronger symptoms affecting his breathing and swallowing.  Physically, his head started to hang down, and loss of mobility really was becoming an issue.

On Saturday, Mike, Robin, and Devon hosted their 2nd annual Fete To DeFeat to raise funds for ALS Philly Chapter.  Mike struggled there.  But endured most of the afternoon.  But he got to see so many old friends and family that he had not seen in a while.  There is solace in knowing that perhaps some of the memories  that Mike left us with, is just that, this last get together, having fun to raise funds to fight something so serious.

In his time of illness, he never let on to mostly anyone, what his fate was that lied ahead.  He got to do some very cool things like travel to Ireland, meet professional ball players, squeezed in a rock concert in Atlantic City.  He loved his wife Robin, and his daughter Devon, as well as members of his extended family.

So over the next few days, a lot of food will be served, a lot of coffee poured, and arrangements for his internment will be made.

Madison and Emmalie will miss you immensely.

Mike, I will miss you.  You were like a brother to me.  I am so sorry that had to go through this.  You definitely did not deserve this fate.  I love you Mike and will never forget you.


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