Paul's Heart

Life As A Dad, And A Survivor

Just Three Words

Windowlicker’s mantra with a forecast of snow

No school tomorrow

Pollo the best dog in the whole world

Box of rocks

Something every dad never gets tired of hearing

I love you

Most important traits in a person

Trust, empathy, humor

Pillow talk no couple wants to say or hear

That’s Not It

Pillow question no couple wants to hear

Is that it?

Getting Me To Eat My Vegetables

Pass The Ketchup

Sibling rivalry

“That’s not fair!”

Comment from the dentist during a tooth extraction

Ignore the noises.

From My Daughters (on any occasion)

One more time.

Wendy’s justification for buying next year’s winter clothes in June

It’s on sale

Road trip with the kids

“Are we there?”

More on the road trip, working on last nerve…

“She’s touching me.”

Peace and quiet

Time for bed.

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