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The Gift Of St. Nick

For the last few years, around mid-October, Wendy and I have the discussion, “is this going to be the year, that at least Madison stops believing in Santa Claus (as well as everything else)?”  Last year, we came very close.  Madison informed us that she was not sure if Santa existed or not.  Wendy was very quick to help answer Madison, “well you know, if you don’t believe in Santa, then you’ll only be getting half of the gifts.”

While I do not condone the materialistic tone, I get where both had been coming from.  Wendy wanted to hang on to one more year of innocence from Madison, and Madison was simply just looking for something, or someone to believe in.  Something she had grown up with, and believed in so strongly since the day we met, suddenly had its foundation shaken.  I could just imagine the snowball that would have grown.  If Santa did not exist, then there went the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.

We got through the Christmas of 2011 with Santa making yet another annual stop to our home.

But in October of this year, there were two little buggers in Madison’s class who have made a clear agenda to sabotage anyone’s belief in Santa Claus.  They have been as blunt as can be with Madison, intentionally, that Santa does not exist.  But this year, other than mentioning the propaganda being spread by her classmates, Madison has not brought up the big guy in red.  We will get through this year.

So what if Madison stopped believing.  Honestly, she has no idea that her belief in Santa or not has nothing to do with the loot she received Christmas morning.  But in preparing for this sad day, Wendy and I have the next step in Santa101 ready, Santa is in our hearts.

A common comment on both of our daughters’ report cards, is their willingness to reach out and help others.  At home, we do not do anything different from that.  She is told of humble beginnings of her families.  On occasion, she has seen those not as fortunate.  At least two or three times a year, she donates toys to someone she would like to make feel better or brighten their day or holiday.  And as long as she does not forget her kindness, Santa will live on.

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