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2013 Goal To Be More Informed, More Funny, More Inspiring

This year, I want to take this blog up a level.  I want go into my stories in alot more depth, a lot more personal.  I have a various amount of subject matter from Adoption, Bullying, Education, Cancer, Heart Disease, Emotional, Parenting, Relationships and so on. 

Our health is often scary, especially as we get older.  And as many readers have experienced, fear is not only normal, but expected.  But when you can her from someone who has been there done that, the circumstances could be different, but witnessing the end result can often boost our ease and confidence, reduce our fears.  I am going to take you on my personal journeys to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and other facilities, that follow my long term cancer survival.

If I struggle with care, I plan to address that.  During a recent hospital stay, I had a doctor attempt to rush to release me though clearly the results had spoken differently.  Patients have rights, and the first step to exercising those rights, is to realize that you have them.

As I pursue another attempt at the North Penn School Board Director position, I will come across education related issues which I will share with you.  This includes curriculum, environments, bullies, and school safety.

Two of the major issues in my life revolve around cancer and cardiac issues.  Times have changed since the days I went through both and there are wonderful new opportunities and higher cure rates.  I want you to see that.

As my daughters get older, it will be possible that we will be facing issues related to their being adopted and our family being interracial.  Of course, nothing is funnier than watching his “baby girls” finally growing up.

I plan also to throw in some short story fun pieces, reactions to current events, and exploring oddities.

Most importantly, I want to inspire.  I deal with quite a lot physically, but when anyone looks at me, people respond with “but you look so normal and… healthy”.  I do what I can not to let my cancer history, side effects or other struggles define who I am, or limit me.  As always, I need your feedback.  Please feel free to comment on this page (good or bad – I want to improve my writing).  And please, share this web site with anyone you feel it could inspire.

I want to help you laugh, inspire, and deal.  Here is to 2013.

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